Avoid Bypass Surgery in Pune

Avoid Bypass Surgery In Pune
Avoid Bypass surgery in Pune is choose the non invasive treatment options rather bypass surgery.  Whenever topic of heart treatment, always think about surgeries. But now new technology that Worldwide approved and also USFDA approved EECP Treatment is available. Shanikrupa Heartcare are following the American College for Advancement of Medicine (ACAM) protocol for using Alternatives to Bypass, Angioplasty Surgery in Pune.

What is alternative to avoid Bypass Surgery?

The heart is now receiving increase attention as a result of several recent deaths brought by cardiac arrests. Maintaining awareness and knowledge about the body and its health is important. According to a recent US study, medical intervention like angioplasty or bypass procedures can be avoided in over 85% of stable cases of heart disease and alternative medical therapy combined with lifestyle modifications is preferable. Our centre brings an alternative of Chelation TherapyArtery Clearance Therapy (ACT) and ECP therapy to Avoid bypass surgery in Pune. The blockages are not being removes by surgeries. Also, Surgery does not cure a disease or stop its progression; it merely improves blood flow to the heart. Chelation therapy, Artery Clearance Therapy, and ECP therapy are three novel non-invasive treatments offer by SHANIKRUPA that enhance collateral blood flow to the heart. If the blood flow is increases, problems like breathlessness and chest pain will also improve.  

Natural Bypass: A Step Forward in Cure

Enhance External Counter Pulsation (EECP), commonly refers to as the Natural Bypass, it is a mechanical procedure that dilates blood arteries and enables the body to generate new blood vessels, much like a bypass surgery. After therapy, the majority of patients can walk farther and faster, experience less chest pain, and need less medication. Natural bypass therapy is fully non-invasive, painless, has no danger of infection, and doesn’t require a hospital stay or recuperation time. Typically, the advantage lasts for several years.

Who can take Natural Bypass treatment?

When angioplasty and bypass surgery are unsuccessful, there may be a recurrence of symptoms after the bypass, and the patient may not be physically suitable for surgery or may choose to forego surgery out of cultural or personal preference. and these patients now have the choice of non-invasive treatments like Enhanced External Counter Pulsation (EECP) without the anxiety and stress of surgery, and these treatments are emerging as post-bypass rehabilitation support.  

Arterial Clearance Therapy / Chelation Therapy:

Chelation therapy, also referred to as arterial clearance therapy, is a medical treatment for angina or chest pain. It combines with a Dietary change, lifestyle management, and antioxidants to enhance the flow of blood to the heart. Shanikrupa Heart Care Centre offers the best Chelation Therapy for Heart disease in Pune. Also, we follow all medical protocols; According to the standard IBCMT recommendations.

Procedure of Artery Clearance Treatment (ACT)

At Shanikrupa Heart care Centre, we provide thorough Artery Clearance Treatment using an individualize drug combination that is infuse intravenously over a three-hour period. Typically, a series of 20 to 30 infusions must be given twice or three times per week. Over about 10 to 15 weeks, the infusions are given. You can contact Shanikrupa’s Chelation therapy doctors for further information or come speak with them in person at our facility.

Ozone Therapy

Most heart diseases include persistent inflammation and blood vessel damage by free radicals as their primary causes, which usually result in the development of atherosclerotic plaque (blockages). They are brought by our blood’s RBC coagulation and decrease oxygen supply. Ozone treatment is a medical non-invasive procedure that has been used for a century to treat these symptoms by artificially increasing the amount of oxygen in our blood.

Food to avoid Bypass surgery

  • Dietary habits in order to prevent CAD/CHD, high blood pressure, or high cholesterol. The food we consume and the way we eat both have a significant impact.
  • Increase your consumption of whole grains with dietary fibre, fruits, and vegetables. The main cause of heart diseases is bad cholesterol (LDL), which is reduce by dietary fibre. Consume more seeds, nuts, and legumes since they contain healthy cholesterol (HDL).
  • One can eat fish and chicken if they are not vegetarians.
Exert Diet consultants is advice customize diet chart according to your requirements. SHANIKRUPA HEARTCARE is one of the best centers in Pune, Mumbai, Kolhapur, Chiplun, Ratnagiri. We give you the best treatments to “avoid bypass surgery in Pune”