Artery clearance therapy (ACT)
Avoid bypass surgery with Artery Clearance Therapy (ACT)

What is Artery Clearance Therapy (ACT) ?

Artery Clearance Therapy is also known as Chelation therapy. It is non-invasive heart treatment to reduce angina, chest pain. For this treatment no surgery and hospital admission needed. ACT is best option for heart blockage treatment without surgery. Shanikrupa heartcare offers best chelation therapy in Pune. We follow the protocol of ACAM and IBCMT guidelines. Who can take ACT Treatment? Now the peoples are aware of Non-invasive heart disease treatments. Shanikrupa heartcare offers a nonsurgical, holistic approach which can benefits patients:
  •  Failed angioplasty / Bypass surgery
  •  Who wanted to avoid Angioplasty / Bypass surgery
  •  Unfit for Bypass / Angioplasty surgery
  •  have severe chest pain after heart surgery
  •  Peripheral artery disease with severe leg pain
  •  Memory loss due to cerebral ischemia
  •  Stroke with Paralysis / weakness
  •  Chronic fatigue syndrome
  •  Prevention of heart disease
  •  Anti-ageing treatment
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Benefits of Artery Clearance Therapy

Angina is referred as chest pain. When the arteries gets due to plaque build up into arteries, it obstruct the blood supply to the heart. Arterial clearance therapy can be effectively improves blood circulation to heart. which relived symptoms of angina. So, the ACT is the
Heart attack:
Chelation therapy can prevent heart attack. The plaque deposition in the arteries is the slow process, and it will obstruct the blood and oxygen supply to the heart. Due to lack of this heart muscle gets starve which damage the heart muscle commonly known as heart attack. ACT also known as Chelation therapy remove heart blockage without any operation. With this alternative heart blockage treatment We can rescue heart attack.
Ischemic stroke is caused when the blood flow to the brain is restrict due to blocked arteries. As the Artery clearance therapy works as its name and it will clear the plaque deposition in the arteries. Hence it will improves the blood circulation to all body parts including brain. So, prevent Ischemic strokes.
High blood pressure:
High blood pressure occurs when the force of blood is elevated due to obstruction in the arteries. As the EDTA used in Artery clearance therapy it helps in removing calcium plaque in the arteries and retain their original size and also to gain the elasticity of blood vessels. Which results in lowering high blood pressure. So, automatically blood pressure comes to normal.    Procedure of Artery Clearance Therapy:  Shanikrupa offers customized solution containing minerals, vitamins and some amino acids in the form of intravenous drip for 3 hours. ACT drip 2 – 3 times a week, usually requires series of 20 to 30 infusions. Shanikrupa heartcare has qualified and expert staffs.  Our doctors uses highly diagnostic techniques for precise diagnosis and treatments. If you are searching for heart blockage treatment without surgery then you can find Shanikrupa as best chelation therapy doctors. For more information consult our experts.  

Improvement after ACT treatment

Chelation therapy offers huge benefits compared to surgical treatments like bypass surgery or stent placement. Artery clearance therapy is boon for a patient seeking for non-invasive heart surgery. ACT is not only cost friendly but also best to avoid invasive surgeries. No need of hospitalization and most important do not tackle the side effects of surgery.   As mention above ACT can be successful treatment for heart disease patients only if given by qualified chelation therapy doctors. Chelation is a component of anti-aging programs in many nations and helps the body detoxify, resulting in a better life. Chelation treatment for heart disease in India will improve the micro-circulation to heart. Read more about chelation therapy.