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Ozone Therapy

Ozone is a gas made up of three oxygen items and hence its chemical formula is O3. Till now, we have heard that the Ozone layer in the atmosphere protects the earth from Ultraviolet Rays. Here, let’s study, how Ozone works in medical treatment.

What is Ozone Therapy?

A medical procedure that uses ozone gas can be referred to as Ozone Therapy. The effect of highly reactive gas can be good when it protects the lives from ultraviolet rays that come from the sun and it is bad because it may affect health and can cause lung infections and asthma.

How does it work?

The human body is made up of all the minerals present in nature are just because of water on the earth. It needs a consistent and reciprocal supply of oxygen. Ozone therapy is a treatment that is used to introduce ozone into the body. When it presents in the human body, in specific and certain conditions, ozone is as effective as a germicide. It kills the bacteria and removes the fungal infection in the body.

It penetrates into the body via different methods like injections or autohemotherapy. It becomes easier to treat people who are having cancer, heart disease, hepatitis B, and multiple sclerosis with Ozone Therapy in a critical condition. It is used in gas or liquid form to treat the patients.

Experts say that the therapy modulates the immune system response and reverses the oxygen deficits in the human body. It also plays a vital role to throw the HIV virus outside the body.

As the Shanikrupa Heartcare Centre in Pune is serving the heart patients with full commitment and sincere efforts, they are providing Ozone Therapy at a crucial time when a patient is fighting complex diseases like Cancer or Heart-related problems.

Advantages of Ozone Therapy

Adopting this therapy may provide the following benefits to the patients having chronic diseases such as Cancer, Heart problems, and HIV.

  • Increases oxygen level in blood
  • Reduces stress on lungs
  • Reduces risk of complications from diabetics
  • Maintains the immune system
  • Removes all kinds of infections (Viral, Fungal, or Skin)
  • HIV infected people can experience a stress-free and virus free breath
  • Removes displeasing odors and flavors because it breaks down into oxygen which improves taste and other qualities.

Administration Of Ozone (O3)

Dr. Viebahn-Haensler from Germany has been stated that Ozone can be administered in the following different ways. We must keep in mind that it cannot be inhaled. Ozone inhalation could be dangerous for health.

  1. AutohemotherapyIt is a small branch of Ozone therapy that involves the process of withdrawing blood from the body and mixing it with ozone. Afterward, the ozonated blood gets rejected into the body. It is an unconventional dermatologic treatment that is used to treat skin and allergies in the body.
  2. Ozonated WaterIn difficult economic times, most of the products are getting adulterate by mixing unhealthy substitutes with the main product. So if you want to consume a basic drink i.e. water which is free from all the impurities, then you should consume ozone water, the healthiest form of water. In this, ozone can be added to the mineral water which exerts anti-inflammatory effects. It is highly energetic and should consume with an empty stomach. It can replace the chorine that purifies the water. It is considered very healthy to drink Ozonated Water as it is oxidized.
  3. Ozone OilsAre the most useful form of applying that used as a powerful germicide and anti-inflammatory agent. It is more like any moisturizer that nourishes the skin. Making of Ozone Oil includes Sunflower Oil, Olive Oil, and Sesame Oil in Cuba, Europe, and In India respectively.
  4. Interior of the bodyOzone injections are available that are used in a condition when there is unbearable pain occurs in the back and shoulder. People who suffer from slip disks can also opt for this. The most convenient way of passing ozone is via saline in the body.
  5. Exterior of the bodyTo improve the blood circulation and immune system ozone can be applied to the body externally with the help of treatments like Ozonated Steam Sauna, bagging, and cupping that promotes the healthy skin tone and polishes the texture of the skin. It also removes ulcers and infections from the body. In a nutshell, despite having some side effects of Ozone (O3), researchers believe in the treatment. It is been studied for more than a century. It has preventive side effects such as nausea, burning eyes, or mild headache. But the trouble is temporary.

Shanikrupa Heartcare Centre Unit is contributing to serve people with Ozone Therapy in Pune and in Vashi.