eecp full form?

Full form of EECP is Enhanced External Counterpulsation.

What is eecp ?

It is non-invasive treatment for chronic stable angina patients and it is US FDA approve treatment. Which also lowers the episodes of angina.  


1. Angina Relief: Treatment helps reduce the frequency and severity of angina episodes, providing relief from chest pain and discomfort.
2. Improved Circulation: By enhancing blood flow to the heart, this therapy promotes better circulation throughout the body, leading to improved cardiovascular function.
3. Non-Invasive: It is a non-surgical and non-pharmacological treatment option, making it safe and suitable for individuals who may not be candidates for other interventions.
4. Enhanced Exercise Tolerance: With increased blood flow to the heart, EECP treatment can improve exercise capacity and stamina, allowing patients to engage in physical activities with less difficulty.
5. Quality of Life: Can significantly enhance quality of life by reducing angina symptoms, improving circulation, and restoring confidence in daily activities.
6. Minimal Side Effects: It is generally well-tolerated, with minimal side effects reported, making it a favorable option for many patients.
7. Long-Term Benefits: Patients may experience sustained improvements in cardiovascular health and symptom relief even after completing a course of EECP treatment.
8. Personalized Care: Tailored sessions to each patient’s individual needs, with treatment plans designed to optimize outcomes and maximize benefits.
Experience the transformative effects of this treatment and take proactive steps towards a healthier heart today.
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 What doses this therapy do?

Non-invasive and machine treatment. In this treatment; it uses a pressure on lower limb which improves the blood circulation to the heart. It gives relief from long term symptoms of heart disease like chest pain, breathlessness.  

 Can EECP reduces blood pressure?

Yes, this is the non invasive treatment. and improves the blood circulation of the heart. Which helps to reduces workload of the heart, which can lower the blood pressure. Also read, EECP is the boon for long term COVID.   


In this treatment is gives in  sessions. Daily 1 hour session is give. in some cases daily 2 sessions can be given but after doctors reccomendation only. Patient have to take 35 sessions of this treatment.  

How long does it take for EECP to work?

A lot of patients notice a reduction in symptoms by the fifth or sixth week of medication. For most patients, the last few weeks of the seven-week course of treatment are when symptoms start to get better.

Who cannot take?

  • pregnant women
  • patients with severe aneurysm (thin walls of vessels)
  • Patients with active blood clots in their legs.

 This can be repeated ?

Yes, increasing the session hours or repeating the treatment may increase the benefits, but doctors opinion is mandatory for this.  

 Is EECP is better than Bypass?

For certain heart disease patients, the therapy provides an alternative for heart bypass surgery. No anesthesia or surgery is necessary for this therapy since it is a non-invasive method. For six to eight weeks, the therapy is usually under consideration three times a week.  

 Is EECP approved in India?

It is approve for heart failure patients to increases heart’s ejection fraction.