Ozone (O3) Therapy is spreading widely all over the World; the use of ozone first appeared in Germany in the early 1950s. During World War 1, it was used to treat infected wounds, but ozone was subsequently swept under the rug by the pharmaceutical industry in their push towards antibiotics. With the growing numbers of bacteria now becoming resistant to antibiotics, we now have an urgent need for anti-infective that will kill these superbugs before they can kill us.

Because of ozone having remarkable antiseptic power, its most common technological application is water purification. Ozone is 1,000 times more powerful than chlorine, as a disinfectant that’s why ozone is used in the water treatment facilities.
Like Hyperbaric oxygen therapy, ozone therapy has the healing power of oxygen. Nowadays more than 40,000 physicians and dentists in more than 50 countries use ozone therapy.

Ozone therapy in Pune uses for everything from endodontic infections to relieving the pain of herniated disk, to reduce arterial plaque. Ozone is extraordinary in that it has virtually no toxicity, making it a viable option for both treatment and prevention of illness.

Medical ozone is different from atmospheric ozone. Ozone is not toxic to your lungs. Fortunately, you have a natural mechanism to alert you that you’re breathing in too much ozone-its called coughing. You will cough long before any damage occurs to your lungs.

As an exercise, it creates health similar to exercise, ozone is an oxidant. It creates health benefits by delivering measured doses of oxidative stress that force your body to activate its own internal antioxidant systems.

The main enzyme in ozone therapy is superoxide dismutase (SOD) SOD stimulates another enzyme called telomere at the end of each DNA strand. A study involving individuals with herniated discs found that ozone therapy provided oxidative protection, as well as relieving pain.

The truth is that therapeutic ozone has excellent safety records and no toxic effects have been observed from proper clinical use. In fact, the doctor who took proper ozone training reports that ozone is much safer than prescription drugs. Side effect seldom occurs with ozone therapy, but patients occasionally report slight weakness, dizziness, or sleepiness that lasts for a short time during or after the treatment. Allergic reactions (like a rash) occur with the local application of ozone, although these occurrences are rare, mild, and quick to resolve.

In low concentrations, ozone has a moderate hypo-coagulation effect, so drugs like anticoagulant, aspirin, etc should be discontinued during the course of ozone therapy. Ozone is probably not the best modality for those with blood coagulation failure, thrombocytopenia, or hemorrhagic or apoplectic stroke.

Ozone Relieves Pain, Kills Viruses, and Is a Powerful Detox Agent:

List of therapeutic applications beyond the antiseptic properties of Ozone Therapy

  • Increases circulation
  • Improves uptake and utilization of oxygen and activation of oxygen-dependent processes; maximizes oxidative and anti-oxidative process.
  • Powerful detoxification is the primary function of ozone; removal of toxins that impair cellular respiration, energy production, and nutrient absorption which stimulate the metabolic process in the liver and kidneys.
  • Increase the efficiency of the body’s antioxidant enzyme system.
  • Immunity increases; activates the cellular & humoral immunity, corrects the autoimmune process.
  • Fast-acting anti-inflammatory: oxidizes compounds that drive the inflammatory process
  • Analgesic effects
  • Anti-microbial(antibacterial, antiviral, antifungal)kills bacteria by rupturing their cell membrane.
  • Anti-cancer: stimulates the production of tumor necrosis factor.
  • Anti-aging effects

Ozone has been shown effective for sinus and endodontic infections, osteonecrosis of the jaw(ONJ), ear infections, hepatitis, cystitis, HIV, intestinal and blood infections, and Lyme disease. Ozone is also being used to relieve arthritis, neuropathy, degenerative joint and disk diseases, fibromyalgia, and chronic fatigue.

Dr. Robert Rowen, a leading expert in oxidative therapy, reports that ozone is about 85 percent effective for osteoarthritic knees and nearly effective for arthritic hips when administered via injections.

With properly administered ozone therapy also benefits your heart by improving circulation and oxygen delivery. Blood viscosity is reduced for easier cardiac pumping and improves capillary perfusion. Red blood cells are better able to deliver their oxygen into tissues, benefits seem to persist long after treatment is completed. Inflammation is also reduced, leading to better nitric oxide formation, which dilates and relaxes vessels and further improves blood flow. also reports to trim down arterial plaque through oxidation.

Ozone Therapy Is A Gas

Ozone can be delivered into any body orifice- as a gas.

  • MAHT (minor autohemotherapy): blood down into syringe and mixed with ozone and oxygen, then they returned to the body via intramuscular injections.
  • MAHT (Major Autohemotherapy): blood drawn intravenously from the patient, mixed with ozone and a small amount of anticoagulant, then returned to the body intravenously
  • Gas irrigation for wound treatments: affected body parts, such as limbs can be wrapped in plastic bags for sustained exposure to ozone gas.
  • Rectal or Vaginal Insufflation: similar to an enema, a gaseous mixture of oxygen and ozone is infused.
  • Nasal or Ear Insufflation:
  • Ozonated Water: potential anti-inflammatory effect.
  • Ozonated oil:
  • Ozone sauna: steam sauna that includes ozone promotes deep detoxification of all the major organs and tissues of the body, including the lymphatic system.

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