Ozone is an alternative form of medicine which is invented by Germans & practice in Germany for over 100 years.
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What is Ozone (O3)?

Ozone (O3) is a gas found in the “Troposphere” which is atmospheric band closest to Earth. The presence of Ozone in troposphere blocks harmful Ultra violet radiations from sun thus it is helpful.

Ozone Therapy in Pune

Ozone (O3) is very unstable molecule. It breaks down into oxygen molecule (O2) and a singlet active Oxygen atom 20 minutes, liberating a lot of energy. Ozone is an active and reactive form of oxygen which quickly combine with blood, lymph and other tissues of body and purifies them. Ozone is Best adjuvant treatments are very useful in treating diseases, “Ozone Therapy in Pune”.
Oxygen Molecule Shanikrupa Heart Care

How Ozone (O3) therapy works?

Ozone is a gas made up of three oxygen molecules whose unstable electron make it a powerful oxidiser that is able to kill bacteria, viruses, fungi, and neutralise other toxins. Ozone therapy is also extremely effective in fighting acute infections like colds, the flu, and upper respiratory infections as well as chronic conditions such as Hepatitis B and C, Epstein-Barr virus, Cytomegalovirus, Herpes simplex and zoster virus, lymph disease, streptococcal infections and Candidiasis. We have best Ozone Therapy in Pune.

Mechanism of action of Ozone (O3)

  • Ozone mainly interacts with blood components to produce its effects. It acts on RBCs and increases its glucose uptake.
  • It stimulates RBCs metabolism and make them energetic.
  • It makes their cell membrane more elastic and pliable which means improves circulation.
  • It causes RBCs to release more Oxygen at tissue level.
  • It relaxes blood vessel cells, opening up small capillaries; further improving circulation.
  • WBCs are stimulated to improve immunity.
  • Ozone stimulate Anti-oxidant enzymes in the body to fight effectively against oxidative stress.
  • It kills all sort of bacteria, viruses and fungi. It is most powerful germicidal agent.
  • It burns toxins and provide more oxygen to cells.
  • It rejuvenates the entire body.

Uses of ozone (O3) therapy

( by Dr Viebahn-Haensler )

  • Infected wound: “Open leg” ulcers (ulcus cruris), bed sores (decubitus) and Burns are successfully treated by ozone. Clinical studies have very several cases (eg gangrene, local necrosis) can obtain restoration.
  • Circulatory disorder: ozone shows its greatest efficacy in arterial circulatory disorders such as sensation of heaviness and coldness or pains in legs, especially when walking (well known as smoker’s leg or intermittent claudication) ozone has avoided amputations in many cases.
  • Intestinal conditions: inflammatory conditions of large (eg colitis) and small intestine, fistulas and proctitis (inflammation of rectum) many such unpleasant and inconvenient conditions are treated with a local application ozone gas introduce via rectal insufflation.
  • Geriatric (age-related) conditions: Ozone can be used successfully for poor concentration, forgetfulness, general reductions in mental and physical performance, insecurity in walking (balance problem) and dizziness or vertigo. Elderly persons experience an improvement in wellbeing and best quality of life.
  • Osteoarthritis / Rheumatoid Arthritis: In such conditions, attacks the skeletal and locomotory systems to a varying degree, ozone successfully causes relief from pain and inflammation. Repeated treatment can even produce permanent restoration.
  • Virus-produce disease: the studies are able to demonstrate success rate of ozone treatment in painful virus produced conditions such as hepatitis and herpes. With ozone the healing is efficient and patient can restored to his/her original wellbeing.
  • Cancer: Ozone is not a curative, it is only a complementary measures applied in addition to standard methods. However the studies have shown that ozone can produce impressive results due to its function and immunoactive agent.

‘Ozone therapy’ is used as supportive therapy; helps to control or cure disease or symptoms

How Ozone (O3) is administered?

Ozone is administered in many ways EXCEPT INHALATION.

  • Ozonated Water: Ozonated water is prepared by bubbling Ozone through cold water for 15 mins. This water can be drunk in peptic ulcer diseases. It can be used to improve digestion and also useful in cancer patients.
    Ozonated water is externally used for soaks in burns, sprains, insect bites, post-operative wounds, etc. as ozone has excellent anti-inflammatory properties.
  • Ozonated Oil: Ozone is bubbled through the oil and then this ozonated oil is stored in refrigerate. This oil has excellent germicidal and anti-inflammatory properties. It also helps wound healing.
    In Europe, Olive oil is used, In Cuba, sunflower oil is used, we in India Sesame (Til) oil is used for making ozonated oil.
  • External ozone application: external ozone applicationExternally ozone can be given by bagging, cupping, ozonated steam sauna, etc. here we put the affected part is put inside a plastic bag and ozone is put in that bag. This method is excellent for all sorts of wounds, ulcers, abscesses, skin conditions like psoriasis, eczema, etc.Ozonated steam saunaOzonated steam sauna is excellent for rejuvenation and detoxification. And also excellent for cancer.
    Ozone is very conveniently given by rectal route, similar to an enema. It is an excellent way to use ozone for any type of systemic illness. It is totally painless, quick, and easy procedure and it is extremely effective.
    Ozone can be given in the vagina in the same way.
    Ozone can also be given in ears by putting stethoscope in the ears and connecting lower end of the stethoscope to ozone generator.
  • Internal ozone applications: Internal ozone applications Shanikrupa heart careOzone injections are excellent for pain relief, osteoarthritis, frozen shoulder, back ache, slipped disc – all responds excellent to Ozone injections.
    Ozone is bubbled through saline and given as an Intravenous Ozonated Saline drip. It is the most popular way of giving Ozone Russia.
  • Autohaemotherapy:  Autohaemo therapy Shanikrupa heart careIt Is a Procedure In Which Ozone is mixed with the blood outside the body and is re-injected in the vein (in major Autohaemotherapy) or muscle (in minor Autohaemotherapy) they are excellent for chronic diseases and allergies. These are very popular ways of giving ozone in Europe. Ozone therapy is quick and long-lasting and usually without any complications. Ozone molecule breakdown into oxygen which is needed by each and every cell of our body. Ozone causes oxygenation as well as oxidation.

Ozone is nature’s way to clear pollution from the environment. Ozone can also be used to clean up our internal body, helping us to lead healthy, energetic and further life.

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