She does her each and every responsibility genuinely; now it’s our turn to do something for her which makes her healthy and more strong to stand behind your every success.

Let’s celebrate WOMEN’S DAY by Protect Her HEART before ATTACK…

On 8th MARCH every year International Women’s Day is celebrated every year, recognizing and appreciating woman’s economic, political, and social achievements over the decades. Women’s day was first observed in the United States in 1909 and the United Nations officially Declared international women’s day celebration on 8th march in 1977.

Nowadays heart disease is a leading killer in women; there are about 1 in every 4 women die due to heart diseases. And almost two-thirds(64%) women who die suddenly with coronary heart disease without any previous symptoms.

Shanikrupa heart care center is one of the best heart disease treatment in Pune where the heart blockages treatment without surgery is done.

Symptoms of heart disease in women :

Some women have no symptoms, other experience angina( chest pain), pain in neck/jaw/throat, or in upper abdomen or back. These may occur during physical activity or triggered by stress.

Symptoms include:

Heart Attack: chest pain or discomfort, with shortness of breath
Arrhythmias: fluttering feeling in the chest
Heart Failure: shortness of breath, fatigue, swelling on legs/ankle/abdomen.
Stroke: sudden weakness, paralysis, numbness of face/arm/leg.
Risk factors of heart disease:

High blood pressure
High LDL cholesterol & low HDL cholesterol
Poor diet
Lack of physical activity
Excessive alcohol intake
How will confirm the heart diseases(test have to be done)

Know your blood pressure. Check your blood pressure regularly.
Talk to your doctor to provide a test for diabetes.
Quit smoking
Discuss checking cholesterol
Lower your stress level.
Make & eat healthy food
Limit alcohol intake.
In our hospital we do all her preventive check up’s, if she is suffering from any heart disease then we will give the best heart disease prevention in Pune without any operation.

Diet and exercise management, yoga & mainly stress management is done.

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