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Avoid Bypass Surgery

The human heart is a deep and blood-filled pit. If it gets pressurized in any way the working of the heart gets disturbed. Blood in the body doesn’t reach properly to the heart and the blocks found in the way of supplying blood to the heart.

In India, due to the miscellaneous lifestyle and unhealthy food habits, a wide range of people are suffering from cardiovascular diseases. Among them, a high percentile of people is having censorious blockages in their cardiac coronary ticker i.e. Heart. To remove those blockages, doctors suggest bypass surgery. Shanikrupa Heartcare Centre in Pune introduces the anodyne solution to avert any surgical procedure.

Basically, surgeries do not remove the blockages in the heart. It creates room for passing the blood and raises the flow. Shanikrupa Heart Care brings an alternative of chelation therapy, arterial clearance therapy, and EECP therapy to avoid bypass surgery in India.

The experts in the Care Unit having 21+ years of experience in cardiovascular, did the statement that these therapies regulate the blood circulation process which improves the cardiac functions in the human body. Complaints like chest pain, tiredness, and breathlessness may put an end to get rid of Heart Attacks.

Shanikrupa, the Heart Care Unit is one of the top cardiac centers in Pune having branches at VashiRatnagiriChiplun, and Kolhapur that are ready to serve with harmless treatments that avoid bypass surgery in India.

These are the new generation treatments that follow the unconventional methodologies that are used to treat people having chronic diseases like a cardiac failure. The execution and application of the treatment can be managed smartly by expert and experienced doctors. Each and every therapy is researched and well-studied.

Here, we are providing the necessary and relevant indivation about chelation therapy, arterial clearance therapy, and EECP therapy. Stay tuned on the website.