In our India around 70-90% of heart patients, who have critical heart blockages ranging from 80-100%. we only know the treatments for heart disease is the surgery like bypass – angioplasty, but there is no need surgeries to all the blockages, says a leading preventive & geriatric unit SHANIKRUPA HEART CARE CENTRE’s expert doctors. We are spreading a movement on non-invasive cardiology for 20 years. We give a solution to avoid bypass surgery in India.

Surgeries are not removing the blockages ……. Surgery only increases blood flow to the heart; neither does it removes the symptoms and the progress of the disease. SHANIKRUPA introducing a new non-invasive treatment chelation therapy, arterial clearance therapy, EECP therapy, These therapies improve the blood circulation by improving collateral circulations to the heart. If the blood circulation is improved then the symptoms like chest pain, Breathlessness, etc….

Chelation therapy/ Arterial clearance Therapy is the intravenous therapy in which the medicines give intravenous route twice or once in a week. The process takes 2-3 hours to complete. There is no need to admit in hospital. The cost of treatment is almost 1/4th of the surgeries. Chelation Therapy is the best option to avoid bypass surgery in India.

EECP Therapy (Enhanced External Counter Therapy) is a mechanical procedure and completely non-invasive therapy, No Pain, No Medication. In this treatment, the patient is supposed to lie on a comfortable table and belts are tide legs, thighs, buttocks. The pressure this cuff inflates and deflates according to heart beet the synchronize with continuous ECG. Blood supply from legs goes upward up to the Heart and the inflation-deflation the elasticity of the blood vessels increases which improves the collateral circulation. Which helps to avoid bypass surgery in India.

SHANIKRUPA HEART CARE CENTRE is one of the best centers in Pune, Mumbai, Kolhapur, Chiplun, Ratnagiri. We give you the best treatments to avoid to “avoid bypass surgery in India”.